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Releases: gro-ove/actools

Few more fixes

09 Jul 19:29
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Few more fixes Pre-release
  • Author and version editing for track layouts should be fixed;
  • Content autoupdates caching should be less intrusive;
  • Small UI and stability fixes.

A fix for a fix

08 Jul 18:21
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A fix for a fix Pre-release
  • Actual fix for Dropbox downloading.

A couple of small fixes

08 Jul 17:36
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  • Dropbox downloading fixed;
  • Track rating-based categories fixed.

Fix for Google Drive downloads

03 Jun 20:21
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  • Google Drive downloading fixed;
  • Experimental option for compressing files in background (recently installed content will be compressed first, compression is happening slow to make sure it wouldn’t impact computer performance);
  • New creator tool for generating ksanim files switching car geometry on and off if used for a wing in an optimal way;
  • User Championships now can use WeatherFX controllers;
  • UV2 tool checks if mesh is triangulated properly;
  • Fix for changing driver position in Custom Showroom;
  • Few smaller bug fixes.

Geo tags editor fixed, a few other fixes

13 Feb 21:08
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  • Geo tags editor fixed;
  • Tooltips with details about cars should be less annoying;
  • Quick Drive: warning about limiter or ballast set for player’s car;
  • New batch action for localized files compression;
  • Cars, tracks and such can list files for removal during an update in “ui/clean_update.txt” (in case an update needs to remove some no longer needed files from an old version);
  • Server management: packed separately live conditions plugin is compatible with updated RainFX logic;
  • Issues with UI getting stuck with extra dialogs conflicting with custom showroom fixed;
  • Description editing in Content/Tracks now affects selected layout instead of main one;
  • Range sliders visuals breaking with high-DPI screens fixed;
  • Few small UI fixes and improvements.

(If you’re experiencing stability issues with browser, please disable WinForms mode in “Settings/Content Manager/Plugins”.)

LFM integration and AI fixes

11 Feb 23:09
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  • LFM integration;
  • Issues with AI strength when set without a range fixed;
  • Manually adding live services is now possible;
  • CEF updated to v114, WinForms mode is enabled by default for better performance;
  • Browsers can handle “acmanager://” URLs properly;
  • CSP settings can be shown with Ctrl+Alt+F1 as well;
  • Steam ID input form fixed;
  • Game dialogs can be collapsed just in case;
  • CM switching to lower priority in background is optional now (configurable in general settings);
  • Plugin settings are stored in CSP presets;
  • New --simple-quick-drive-mode argument for running CM in super-simplified mode;
  • Few small UI fixes and improvements.

Better CSP integration

17 Oct 23:23
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  • Support for CSP v0.1.80-preview428 features: gamma for other pedals, settings for Lua scripts;
  • Few fixes for Python/CSP config layouts;
  • Steering axis inverting fixed;
  • Support for servers adding custom loading background for CSP;
  • CM no longer resumes race with Escape if CSP is present (it can do that better);
  • Compatibility with Fanatec wheels should be improved;
  • Fix for a crash with user championships and few other crashes.

Few more fixes

04 Jul 20:26
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Few more fixes Pre-release
  • While installing multiple things, hold Ctrl when selecting installation mode to apply it to all items at once;
  • Texture baking is more stable now;
  • Generating track outlines from AI lanes fixed;
  • Custom Showroom: fins are drawn with aero wings;
  • Sharing presets as URLs fixed;
  • Screen color picker now works with high DPI screens;
  • Installing additional Lua scripts for things like New Modes or Gamepad FX is working now;
  • Few small fixes and cleanups.

Finally found where the memory was leaking

03 Jul 17:52
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  • Compatibility with Sol fixed;
  • Memory leakage fixed.

Some fixes and improved CSP integration

25 May 15:58
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  • Much better support for CSP installation, especially if it’s involving dragging ZIP file onto CM;
  • Support for installing other types of CSP extensions, such as Gamepad FX scripts, scriptable filters or Android Auto apps;
  • Option to explicitly select DualShock in gamepad control settings (use in-game “Controller Tweaks” app to configure buttons while driving);
  • Hardware steering lock is no longer supported for Logitech G29 due to strangeness with its drivers (proper in-game replacement working better and for all wheels is coming with the next CSP update);
  • Fix for an issue with CSP when old “joypad_assist.ini” config would mess up CSP settings logic;
  • Option to disable tooltips in selection dialogs;
  • Map generation from surfaces fixed;
  • Batch actions to unpack and pack data for multiple cars at once;
  • UV2 support for LOD generator has been fixed;
  • Support for new WeatherFX, new custom modes and CSP preview generation (CSP release is coming soon);
  • Some optimizations, especially to reduce background CPU consumption;
  • Small UI and other fixes.