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A website to help people reduce contact at grocery stores and essential services

How to use GrocerCheck

  • Live data: Shows only live busyness
  • Live and Historical: Shows live busyness as well as estimated busyness from past trends
  • All stores: Show stores even if no live data can be found for them
  • Show closed stores: Show stores that are currently closed
  • Search:
    • Search by name - e.g. "Costco, Superstore, Costco London"
    • Search by street, location, or neighbourhood - e.g. "broadway, main, 41st avenue, Vancouver, kerrisdale"
    • Search by category with keywords - e.g. "Asian grocery, supermarket, bulk"
    • Search by proximity with "near me" term (Location must be on for this to work)
    • Or a combination of the above!
      • "asian grocery near me"
      • "bulk on kingsway"
      • "kerrisdale grocery on broadway"

How it works

GrocerCheck is built on the Django web framework and Apache2 http web server. To get our data, we make a special google request to get data not available via google maps api. The scraper runs on our LivePopularTimes python module, which is scheduled with celery to aggregate live populartimes for stores with live data every 10 minutes. Requests are routed through data collection networks to ensure reliable retrieval and server security; the last thing we want is our IP blocked! Data is stored in a standard sqlite3 database, from which markers are generated and placed on a map rendered by Google Maps Javascript API.

Blog and content pages are run-of-the-mill css dynamic galleries. COVID Watch works as a dynamic gallery of links to an article template populated as per their sql id in the url.

Is GrocerCheck open-source?

You bet it is!

We would be thrilled to see you contribute!

How can I support GrocerCheck?

GrocerCheck Foundation is a registered non-profit organization run by high-school and incoming university students. A small donation can go a long way to help us pay for operational costs. Donate to us here. All excess funds go towards the Vancouver General Hospital COVID-19 relief fund!

Let's get in touch.

Want to work with us? Want to write for COVID-Watch? Want to help translate GrocerCheck?

Want to find out about sponsorship opportunities?

Want to help expand GrocerCheck?

Want to just say hi? or anything else, really


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  • Live data only

  • All data

  • Live and Historical

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a website to help people reduce contact at grocery stores and essential services







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