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VCSP Firmware

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VSCP firmware contains examples for different hardware architectures of how to implement the Very Simple Control Protocol (VSCP,

Files are organized under hardware architecture with common file folders on each level where common files for vscp (folder /common) and common files for a specific architecture (folder /{arch}/common) reside.

Most important files for implementers are:

  • /common/vscp_firmware.* (for Level I nodes) and
  • /common/vscp_firmware_level2.* (forLevel II nodes)

which implements the VSCP protocol. There are also some references to vscp_class.h and vscp_type.h which reside in the vscp_software repository in the path /src/vscp/common. It is preferred to include these files from that second repository (and not to make redundant copies if possible).

Documentation on how to build your own nodes from this code is here

The main reference implementations for VSCP over CAN is the Paris and the Kelvin modules. Both can found here along with other open source products. All modules are available as ready made modules, bare pcb's and software and hardware is and will always be fully open and free. All design documents are open and available.

Ake Hedman, Grodans Paradis AB