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Drawception ANBT Public domain

A userscript to make better: more drawing tools, tablet support, sandbox with palettes and uploading to imgur, like all, quick menu buttons with old browser support, and other enhancements.

Direct script link (use to install/update manually, or "save as...")

New canvas with recording and playback, standalone version

ANBT script discussion at forum

Chat about the script and the site


  • Chrome/Iron:
    • add the script in Tampermonkey extension
    • or open URL: chrome://extensions then drag and drop the .user.js file on it
  • Firefox: add the script in Greasemonkey add-on
  • Firefox for Android: add the script in User|Unified Script Injector
  • Opera 12: add the script in "site properties"
  • Opera 15+: add the script in Violentmonkey add-on
  • Maxthon: add the script in Violentmonkey add-on
  • Mobile browsers / other / single use:
    • create a bookmark with the following URL:


      and follow it while being on site; if that doesn't work, try pasting it in the address bar.

After installing script management add-on, just click on the Direct script link.



  • Menu buttons in the header for easier access
  • No temptation to judge
  • An embedded chat (
  • Automatically retry failed requests to reduce annoying error messages


  • Wacom tablet smooth pressure (old canvas only) and eraser support; doesn't conflict with mouse
  • Secondary color, used with right mouse button; palette right-clicking
  • Alt+click picks a color from the canvas
  • Brush cursor
  • Current colors indicator
  • 0..9 and Shift+0..Shift+9 selects primary color
  • X swaps primary and secondary colors
  • B selects last used color as primary
  • E selects eraser
  • [ ] and - = changes brush sizes
  • Shift+F fills with the current color
  • Confirm closing a page if it has a canvas and is painted on
  • Don't confirm clearing, but allow to undo it


  • Add drawing time indicator
  • Upload directly to imgur

View game:

  • Add reverse panels button
  • Add "like all" button
  • Track new comments
  • Show when the game was started
  • Ability to favorite panels


  • Much faster skipping
  • Play modes for those who only caption or only draw
  • Enter pressed in caption mode submits the caption
  • Ability to bookmark games without participating
  • Show your panel position and track changes in unfinished games list


  • Better-looking timestamps with correct timezone
  • Clickable drawing panels
  • Clickable links
  • Show and highlight direct links to forum posts




A userscript to make better




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