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_layouts Add a missing space
blog Fix project name
css Use "-" instead of "_" for word separator in ID of css
data Add Google Analytics account information for
docs Update to snapshot document
en/_posts blog en: add 5.0.0 entry
fluent-plugin-groonga fluent-plugin-groonga 1.0.5 has been released!!!
groonga-query-log groonga-query-log 1.1.1 has been released!!!
images Add images for howto print stickers
ja Update to snapshot document
publication Fix slide URL on MySQL Conference 2011
senna Convert to UTF-8 from Windows-31J
sticker Capitalize first letter of project names
users users: order by registered date desc
.gitignore Remove .DS_Store
CNAME add images
_config.yml Update highlighter configuration
color.html add color schema.
favicon.ico attach new design
favicon.png attach new design
favicon.svg attach new design
index.html doc: update to Groonga 5.0.0 document
related-projects.html related-project: fix translate
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