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How many gems depend on your gem ?
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sudo gem install gem-dependent


The first run can take looooong, but after the caches are filled, its pretty fast. Checking all versions will take significantly longer.

gem dependent my_gem

--source URL                 Query this source (e.g.
--no-progress                Do not show progress
--fetch-limit N              Fetch specs for max N gems (for fast debugging)
--parallel N                 Make N requests in parallel (default 15)
--all-versions               Check against all versions of gems
--type                       Only look for dependents matching the listed type(s) (default is runtime and development)


gem dependent my_gem --source
other_gem >= 1.2.1
even_more = 0.0.1

gem dependent XXX --source --no-progress | wc -l

# Fun-facts from 2010-11-03
bundler: 263
activesupport: 983
activerecord: 566

hoe: 1454
jeweler: 234
echoe: 85

nokogiri: 516
hpricot: 297


  • include nested dependencies (a > b > c --> a = [b,c])
  • add tests for cli interface
  • add --type development support



Michael Grosser
License: MIT
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