Upgrading 0.6.x to 0.7.x

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Running RSpec from the commandline

parallel_spec -> parallel_rspec

Running all tests via commandline:

Pass which folder you want to run, without arguments it does nothing.

parallel_spec -> parallel_rspec spec

Rake task test-patterns:

Paths now include the full path to the file.

rake parallel:spec[^models] --> rake parallel:spec[^spec/models]


The namespaces have been unified + the spec runtime log has a new position

ParallelSpec::SpecRuntimeLogger --> ParallelTests::RSpec::RuntimeLogger
tmp/parallel_profile.log --> tmp/parallel_runtime_rspec.log

Rails 2 + installed as plugin ?

Deprecated task-autoloading has been removed.

# add to your Rakefile
begin; require 'vendor/plugins/parallel_tests/lib/parallel_tests/tasks'; rescue LoadError; end

rake spec:parallel has been removed

Use rake parallel:spec