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Flexible and production-ready Mustache templates for MacOS Cocoa and iOS


GRMustache is a flexible and production-ready implementation of Mustache templates for MacOS Cocoa and iOS.

March 25, 2014: GRMustache 7.0.2 is out. Release notes

System requirements: GRMustache targets iOS down to version 4.3, MacOS down to 10.6 Snow Leopard (without garbage collection), and only depends on the Foundation framework.

Get release announcements and usage tips: follow @GRMustache on Twitter.

How To

1. Setup your Xcode project

You have three options, from the simplest to the hairiest:

2. Start rendering templates

#import "GRMustache.h"


// Renders "Hello Arthur!"
NSString *rendering = [GRMustacheTemplate renderObject:@{ @"name": @"Arthur" } fromString:@"Hello {{name}}!" error:NULL];
// Renders the `Profile.mustache` resource of the main bundle
NSString *rendering = [GRMustacheTemplate renderObject:user fromResource:@"Profile" bundle:nil error:NULL];

Reuse templates in order to avoid parsing the same template several times:

GRMustacheTemplate *template = [GRMustacheTemplate templateFromResource:@"Profile" bundle:nil error:nil];
rendering = [template renderObject:arthur error:NULL];
rendering = [template renderObject:barbara error:NULL];
rendering = ...

GRMustachio by Jonathan Mitchell is "A super simple, interactive GRMustache based application". It can help you design and test your templates.


If you don't know Mustache, start here:


Released under the MIT License.

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