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GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET

This package contains Examples and Showcases for GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET that will help you in understanding the API's working and writing your own applications.

GroupDocs.Annotation is essentially devised to add annotations in documents within a .NET applications. API comes with an extensive number of markup tools. These tools permit users to highlight, strikeout, and comment on text and images. This doesn't end up here user can avail numerous properties to control annotation's appearance in the document.

Directory Description
Examples Contains the package of all .NET examples and sample files that will help you learn how to use product features.
Showcases The Legacy Front End is the open source web based projects. This project is based on Front Controller Design pattern and demonstrate the salient features of GroupDocs.Annotation API.
Plugins Contains the plugins related to GroupDocs.Annotation 3.x for Visual Studio.