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Java Library for Document Annotation

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java is a Document Annotation API that supports over 13 different annotation types for over 50 document formats with full control over annotation's appearance.

Directory Description
Demos GroupDocs.Annotation for Java Dropwizard and Spring Demo projects.
Examples Java examples and sample documents for you to get started quickly.

Annotate Documents via Java

  • Add, extract, update or remove annotations.
  • Import existing annotations from documents.
  • Add or remove comments.
  • Export annotated documents.
  • Generate document previews & thumbnails.
  • Load password-protected documents.
  • Save annotated pages or pages by range.

Annotation Objects

Graphic Annotation: Area, Arrow, Distance, Ellipse, Point, Polyline, Resource Redaction, TextField
Text Annotation: Highlight, Link, Replacement, Strikeout, Reduction, Underline
Watermark: Diagonal, Horizontal

Get Started with GroupDocs.Annotation for Java

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java requires J2SE 8.0 (1.8) or above. Please install Java first if you do not have it already.

GroupDocs hosts all Java APIs on GroupDocs Artifact Repository, so simply configure your Maven project to fetch the dependencies automatically.

Add Arrow Annotation

    try(final Annotator annotator = new Annotator(Constants.INPUT_DOC)){
        String outputPath = Constants.getOutputFilePath("MinimalAnnotation", FilenameUtils.getExtension(Constants.INPUT_DOC));
        final ArrowAnnotation arrowAnnotation = new ArrowAnnotation();
        arrowAnnotation.setBox(new Rectangle(100, 100, 200, 200));

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