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GroupDocs.Comparison for Java examples, plugins and showcase projects
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GroupDocs.Comparison for Java

GroupDocs.Comparison is a lightweight library that allows you to merge and diff two versions of a document. Supported file formats include: PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, TXT, HTML.

GroupDocs.Comparison Structure

The core of GroupDocs.Comparison library consists of five main components: Words, Pdf, Slides, Cells and Text and Common . Each main component is divided into Contracts, Domain, that implements it, and Core component which compares documents using features specific for certain document type. All five main components have reference on Common.

The Facade component gives an opportunity to simplify access to Comparison API and unites all comparison types into one API. Facade gives an ability to compare documents with all supported formats, and revise the changes from result document.

This package contains Examples for GroupDocs.Comparison for Java that will help you understand API's working and write your own applications.

Directory Description
Examples Contains the package of Java examples and sample files that will help you learn how to use product features.
Showcases The Servlets based Front-end is a sample web application that demonstrates the core functionalities provided by GroupDocs.Comparison for Java. The application allows the user to upload two documents of similar format and find the differences between them.


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