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JSON Remote claim Mapper for Keycloak

This module uses the unoffical Protocol Mapper SPI for keycloak.

It adds a new mapper type which retrieves a JSON claim from a remote HTTP endpoint (e.g. from a REST API).


This module currently works with Keycloak Keycloak 8.0.0.

It is compatible with Keycloak >= 4.6.0 , you may just need to change the keycloak version in the pom.xml.

For version <= 4.5.0, the module will also work but a functionnality will be unavailable (see (1)).


Start by building the module:

mvn clean package

Deploy manually

  1. In keycloak configuration (e.g. standalone.xml), register the module by adding the following provider into the urn:jboss:domain:keycloak-server subsystem.

  2. Copy Jar and module.xml in the keycloak modules (replace {KEYCLOAK_PATH})

     mkdir -p {KEYCLOAK_PATH}/modules/system/layers/base/fr/sii/keycloak/mapper/json-remote-claim/main/
     cp ./target/json-remote-claim.jar {KEYCLOAK_PATH}/modules/system/layers/base/fr/sii/keycloak/mapper/json-remote-claim/main/
     cp ./src/main/config/module.xml {KEYCLOAK_PATH}/modules/system/layers/base/fr/sii/keycloak/mapper/json-remote-claim/main/
  3. Start Keycloak

Deploy in Docker

To deploy automatically in docker, you can use this solution from Meinert Schwartau:

Using the module

To add a JSON claim from a remote HTTP / REST service, you just need to add a mapper from client (or client scope) configuration.

You will then be able to:

  • Set the URL of the remote service (URL)
  • Customize the claim path (Token Claim Name)
  • Send the username as username query parameter (Send user name)
  • Send the client_id of the resource as client_id query parameter (Send client ID)
  • Add custom query parameters to the request (Parameters)
  • Add custom HTTP headers to the request (Headers)

For headers and query parameters, use = to separate key and value. You can add multiple parameters (and headers) by separating them with &.





  • Integration as a protocol mapper in Keycloak dashboard
  • Configurable claim path (= claim name)
  • Handles any type of JSON object
  • Sending username as an option
  • Sending client_id as an option
  • Custom query parameters
  • Custom HTTP headers
  • URL configuration
  • Error handling: no token delivered if claims are unavailable (error 500 will occur)
  • (1) Optimization when multiple tokens in the response: needs a single request (example: access_token and id_token in the response)

(1) Only with Keycloak >= 4.6.0

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