Minify PNG and JPEG images.
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Minify images using imagemin


$ npm install --save-dev grunt-contrib-imagemin


const mozjpeg = require('imagemin-mozjpeg');

    imagemin: {
        static: {
            options: {
                optimizationLevel: 3,
                svgoPlugins: [{removeViewBox: false}],
                use: [mozjpeg()] // Example plugin usage
            files: {
                'dist/img.png': 'src/img.png',
                'dist/img.jpg': 'src/img.jpg',
                'dist/img.gif': 'src/img.gif'
        dynamic: {
            files: [{
                expand: true,
                cwd: 'src/',
                src: ['**/*.{png,jpg,gif}'],
                dest: 'dist/'

grunt.registerTask('default', ['imagemin']);


optimizationLevel (png)

Type: number
Default: 3

Select optimization level between 0 and 7.

The optimization level 0 enables a set of optimization operations that require minimal effort. There will be no changes to image attributes like bit depth or color type, and no recompression of existing IDAT datastreams. The optimization level 1 enables a single IDAT compression trial. The trial chosen is what OptiPNG thinks it’s probably the most effective. The optimization levels 2 and higher enable multiple IDAT compression trials; the higher the level, the more trials.

Level and trials:

  1. 1 trial
  2. 8 trials
  3. 16 trials
  4. 24 trials
  5. 48 trials
  6. 120 trials
  7. 240 trials

progressive (jpg)

Type: boolean
Default: true

Lossless conversion to progressive.

interlaced (gif)

Type: boolean
Default: true

Interlace gif for progressive rendering.

svgoPlugins (svg)

Type: Array

Customize which SVGO plugins to use. More here.


Type: Array
Default: [imagemin.gifsicle(), imagemin.jpegtran(), imagemin.optipng(), imagemin.svgo()]

Plugins to use with imagemin. It comes bundled with the following lossless optimizers:

These are bundled for convenience and most users will not need anything else.


MIT © Sindre Sorhus