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This is an unofficial webview based client for the community-run, distributed social network diaspora*.


This is an unofficial webview based client for the community-run, distributed social network diaspora*. It's currently under development and should be used with that in mind. Please submit any bugs you might find.


The app is developed as a WebApp because currently diaspora* doesn't have an functional API that can be used to create a native interface to retrieve the user's data, publications, direct messages and so on. That's why there are currently only WebApps for diaspora* out there. Stay tuned on diaspora* issues about API.

Why is a WebApp better than using the mobile site on a browser? Basically it provides better integration with the system (events coming into and going out of the app), notifications, customized interface and functions and a nice little icon that takes you directly to your favorite social network :)

Device Requirements

The minimum Android version supported is Jelly Bean, Android v4.2.0 / API 17

Privacy & Permissions

dandelion* requires access to the Internet and to external storage to be able to upload photos when creating a new post and for taking screenshots.


The project is always open for contributions and accepts pull requests. The project uses AOSP Java Code Style, with one exception: private members are _camelCase instead of mBigCamel. You may use Android Studios auto reformat feature before sending a PR.

Translations can be contributed on GitHub. You can use Stringlate (Translate - with Stringlate) to translate the project directly on your Android phone. It allows you to export as E-Mail attachement and to post on GitHub.

Join our Matrix channel and say hello! Don't be afraid to start talking. Chat - Matrix
Note that the main project members are working on this project for free during leisure time, are mostly busy with their job/university/school, and may not react or start coding immediately.



dandelion* is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see LICENCE). The app is licensed GPL v3. Localization files and resources (strings*.xml) are licensed CC0 1.0. For more licensing informations, see 3rd party licenses.