A Slack plugin that watches channels for messages about JIRA and acts accordingly
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Slack JIRA Bot Plugin

JIRA Bot integration with slack. The bot automatically appends a link to a message whenever there is a mention of a JIRA issue in the message, for example:

Sample screenshot of JIRABot in action


git clone https://github.com/gsingers/slack-jira-plugin.git
cd slack-jira-plugin
npm install

Write your own configuration file (config-example.js) is a good starting point for building your own.

var slackbot = require('./lib/bot');

var config = {
  showIssueDetails: true,
  issueDetailsToShow: {'fields.summary':1 , 'fields.assignee' : 1, 'fields.creator' : 0, 'fields.description': 0},
  showDetailsByDefault: true,//if true, you don't need the '+' to get details
  bot_name: "jira",//Provide the name to post under
  token: 'XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX', // https://api.slack.com/web
  jira_urls: {
    "DEFAULT": {url: "https://default.jira.server/browse/"},
    // These should match projects from the projects property where you want to use a configuration other than the default
    "SOLR": {
      url: "https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/",
      jira: {
        user: 'username', // be sure to use the username, not the user email
        password: 'password',
        host: 'hostname',
        protocol: 'https',
        port: 443,
        version: '2',
        verbose: true,
        strictSSL: true
    "GRANT": {url:"http://grant.jira.server/jira/browse/"}
  search_cmd: "search",
  //Since search results can be verbose, you may not want to muddy the channel
  search_output_chan: "C02U1L9KZ",//if the value is "this", then the current channel will be used, else the name of a channel
  projects: ["REPLACE", "ME", "WITH", "YOUR", "PROJECT", "NAMES", "GRANT", "SOLR"],
  post: true,
  verbose: true,
  custom_texts: {
    messagePrefix: "Hey, thought this might help: " //message you might like to prefix to JiraBot's post
  emoji: ":jira:", // be sure to upload your custom emoji in slack
  link_separator: ", ",// use \n if you want new lines
  error_channel: '' //the id of the channel to send low level log errors.  If not defined, will use the current channel

var slackbot = new slackbot.Bot(config);

Save this to a file in the root of the project then run your bot with:

node your-config-file, eg.: node config-gsingers

This will launch the bot in your terminal based on provided configuration.


  • token: Your Slack API token, get your token at https://api.slack.com/web
  • issueDetailsToShow: Details from JIRA you want to be rendered in Slack
  • jira_urls: A mapping of JIRA project names to the URL that can display that JIRA issue, i.e. SOLR -> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/
  • projects: A list of JIRA project names, as in SOLR, MAHOUT, LUCENE
  • post: If true, then post a new msg, else update the current one
  • verbose: print logging info
  • custom_texts.messagePrefix: An optional message that you can prefix at the beginning of the bot's message that will be posted
  • emoji: The emoji to use for the bot. You may need to create a JIRA emoji for the current one to work, else replace w/ your favorite slack emoji
  • link_separator: The text to use to separate links in the response.


  • Deeper integration w/ the JIRA API
  • Optionally restrict to certain config'd channels
  • bot.js expandInfo conflicts with "+" providing feature or that feature is not done yet
  • Possible Issue: Whenever code compiled and server restarted, it runs parsing for the last posted message again, even though it might have been processed already in the previous run.