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A library with protocols needed to run a Mainline DHT node (written with Twisted)
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Comments, questions, and patches welcome:

** Requirements
* Python 2.7.x
* Twisted (a recent version)

mdht ===========================================================================
A library with implementations of a kademlia node supporting "Mainline DHT".
Written on a Twisted stack.
Protocol spec:

Unit tests -----
On a shell with a proper PYTHONPATH, do: 'trial mdht.test'

Protocols ------
    "get" and "put" operations

mdht_server ====================================================================
A Twisted application that starts up a server with an mdht node and rpc.
Please see the source of mdht_server/app.tac and mdht_server/server.

# To run
    cd mdht_server
    chmod +x server

mdht_client ====================================================================
An RPC client that connects to an mdht_server.
Please see the source of mdht_client/client.

# To run
    cd mdht_client
    chmod +x client
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