SIGNOMIX combines a simple, easy-to-use user interface with advanced IoT device management and data collection capabilities.
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IoT & data management platform

Quick start

Building the platform

Signomix project uses Apache Ant as a build tool. You can get the most recent version from

To build Signomix we need the Cricket Microservices platform and tha Java Mail libraries. We can get required libraries by running Ant target:

ant get-dependencies

To build Signomix run:

ant dist

The build script asks for release type (select 'standard') and the environment name (select 'dev').

As the result we will get:

  • the selected environment structure (inside the dist folder)
  • the platform distribution package -

Running the platform locally

There are 2 options how to start the platform:

  1. With the script directly in the 'dist' folder

    cd dist
  2. By unpacking the distribution archive in target location.

    mkdir tmp
    unzip -d tmp
    cd tmp

The service can be stopped by pressing Ctrl-C.

Preconfigured accounts

Signomix contains two preconfigured user accounts:

  1. Signomix admin, used for content and user management http://localhost:8080/admin

    login: admin

    password: test123

  2. Example user of the Signomix application, able to register and manage IoT devices and data at http://localhost:8080/app

    login: tester1

    password: signomix

Platform features

  • user and content management
  • IoT devices management
  • integration API for LoRaWAN networks
  • data processing
  • data visualisation (dashboards)
  • notifications

For details go to


The documentation will be successively improved on the wiki pages. It will take some time to provide good quality documentation for the platform, but the project maintainer will answer any questions that may arise.

At the same time, user documentation is available online at