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A representational state transfer (REST) API is a way to provide compatibility between computer systems on the Internet. The concept was first outlined in a dissertation by Roy Fielding in 2000.

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sunshineo commented Apr 9, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Deployed Parse server using k8 and used /parse/health for the readinessProbe and livenessProbe probe. But when deploy new code and broke the database connection, /parse/health still returns 200 OK. So old container was killed and new broken one brought online

Describe the solution you'd like
Only return 200 ok after db is

4n70w4 commented Mar 29, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
An external API does not always respond successfully. Server errors for example 50x or 429 Too Many Requests may occur. Manually pressing the send button while waiting for a successful response can be tedious.

Describe the solution you'd like
Be able to set the number of retries and the expected/unexpected status codes o

jkennedy1980 commented Aug 2, 2019

Bug Report

Restify Version

Documentation ( we're using an old version but the current doc. is still wrong )

Node.js Version


Expected behaviour

The documentation should explain the maxParamLength

Actual behaviour

The maxParamLength server option should be included in the documentation. It's also a little strange that the server throws a 404 not found when a par

johanbrandhorst commented Apr 30, 2020

As illustrated by, one of the integration tests is sometimes failing with the wrong error. We should figure out why this is happening and fix it.

This should be a good issue to get introduced to the codebase. The test is here:

GwilymTurner commented Feb 12, 2020

I was trying to use REST Assured for the first and was going through the documentation to help me but was getting nowhere. I had put in the correct Maven repository and have copied the relevant classes to be imported but was getting nowhere.
After fiddling around for ages, I had discovered that the classes had to be statically imported but since I had directly copied the classes from the wiki, I

A1Liu commented Mar 8, 2020

Describe the feature
I'd like to be able to document multiple different APIs separately in the same Javalin application. I.e. have 3 handlers go to doc A, and have another 3 handlers go to doc B.

Additional context
The purpose of this feature request is API versioning; I'd like to version my API, and have separate docs for each version.

amaurer commented Jun 11, 2018

Is there any documentation regarding CORS preflight requests? Seems like these should automatically be configured based on the swagger definition.

I'm looking to return the verbs defined in swagger for my resources (paths) but I can't even find how to control "preFlightContinue" option.

Thanks in advance.

Guns基于SpringBoot 2,致力于做更简洁的后台管理系统,完美整合springmvc + shiro + mybatis-plus + beetl!Guns项目代码简洁,注释丰富,上手容易,同时Guns包含许多基础模块(用户管理,角色管理,部门管理,字典管理等10个模块),可以直接作为一个后台管理系统的脚手架!

  • Updated Apr 19, 2020
  • Java
malleshjm commented Apr 30, 2018


I was able to run python scripts in dev mode using the steps provided in documentation. but for production, I am not sure which all folders to keep and the process to follow. editing the local conf and local sh files and running the server_deploy script, I was able to generate the server jar. But still i had to manually add the python context and upload my egg file.
Can someone pleas

Tobion commented Apr 18, 2020

We need better upgrade instructions for switching from the automatic route generation loader to SF Core routing loader.

One part:
Using the method shortcuts also works when using the symfony core annotation loader as they extend the core Route annotation. So we can keep them in rest-bundle and don't need to deprecate them. The only thing that changes is that it changes the route name as rest-b


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