Getting Started

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Welcome to the GSLab! First, you should read the document Code and Data for the Social Sciences: A Practitioner's Guide. We expect you to understand the principles it articulates and to apply them faithfully.

We use a core set of tools in the lab. Please familiarize yourself with the ones on the list below and work through some of the linked resources. After you read this RA manual, we will assign you to a practice task that will give you hands-on experience with our basic tools and workflow.

Our task management system is GitHub. The fastest way to learn GitHub as a task management system is to look through the GitHub pages associated with different lab projects.

The command line is our means of implementing tools.

We use git for version control.

Our primary build framework is SCons.

Python is a flexible object oriented programming language with many uses in the lab.

We use R and Stata to analyze data.

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