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POS is an OS cloned from xv6 kernel with some new features . xv6 is a re-implementation of Dennis Ritchie's and Ken Thompson's Unix Version 6 (v6).

New Features

Part 1 (Introduction to XV6):

  • introducing contributers added to boot message.
  • moving cursor in shell added to this version.
  • sort command added. you can sort 5 numbers in arguments.

Part 2 (System Calls) :

  • invoked_syscalls(int pid) system call : this system call show used system calls of a process and their informations
  • get_count(int pid, int systemcallNum) system call : return and show number of a specific system calls in a process
  • sort_syscalls(int pid) : sort all used systemcalls for a process by time
  • log_syscalls() : log all systemcalls used in all processes sorted by time
  • inc_num(int number) : this systemcall using register instead of stack to pass argumans. for doing that first backup from a register then add number to it. (using assembly)
  • traceTest : it's a user application in shell for using these systemcalls. you can use it with traceTest command in shell.
  • ctrl + p : with using ctrl + p you can see count of systemcalls in one process

Part 3 (Synchronization And Concurrency):

  • ticketlock added to OS
  • readers writers problem added
  • command lockTest added and you can test ticketlock and readers writers problem using this command

Part 4 (CPU Scheduling):

  • adding a multi-level feed back scheduler including :
    • A Lottery scheduler for first priority
    • A FCFS scheduler for second priority
    • A Priority scheduler for third priority
      • PS all of these schedulers queues use round robin policy
  • adding ps command that show processes and their information such as state and scheduler queue
  • adding sf command that fork a CPU bound process in lottery queue with 1000 lottery ticket
  • adding setQueue command to change scheduler queue of a process
  • adding setPriority command to change priority of a process in priority queue
  • adding setLottery command to change number of lottery tickets of a process in lottery queue
  • adding schedTest command that fork 15 process :
    • 5 CPU bound processs in Lottery scheduler queue
    • 5 CPU bound process in FCFS scheduler queue
    • 5 IO bound process in Priority scheduler queue

Part 5 (Memory Management):

  • adding new system calls to support share memory between processes.
    • sys_shm_init() : to init all shared memories. it should used at first.
    • sys_shm_open(int id, int page_cnt, int flags) : first of all a process should open a shared memory.
      • id is an unique number for every shared memory and we will use this to access shared mem.
      • page_cnt is size of shared memory. ( shared memory will be an array )
      • flags could be ONLY_OWNER_WRITE and ONLY_CHILD_CAN_ATTACH
    • sys_shm_attach(int id) : after opening a shared memory processes should use this systemcall to access shared memory. this sys call returns pointer to first cell of shared memory.
    • sys_shm_close(int id) : every process should close shared memory after using it with this syscall.
  • adding a user program named shmTest to test some senarios of shared memory.

How to use?

you can make this kernel using make command. also you can run this kernel on qemu virtual machine using make qemu command.


POS is an OS cloned from xv6 kernel with some new features







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