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GSS website

This repository contains the Jekyll sources for the GSS website. Changes pushed to this repository will automatically appear on the website.

Local development

Simply install Jekyll and run:

$ jekyll serve --watch

This will start website generation and serve the site at http://localhost:4000. Any file changes will cause a regeneration, and will be available on the site after a browser reload.

Content management

Primary site contents are handled as Jekyll posts that can be either Markdown or HTML. The posts are stored in separate _posts folders under various folders of the site content categories:

  • home: sections of the main page
  • guide: user guide articles
  • example: example articles

Content ordering

As usual with Jekyll, the contents listings for each section will be ordered by post date, newest first. Set a correct date for each post (in the file name or metadata) to get the arranged in the way you like.

Section IDs

To provide helpful styling hooks, the section tags on content listings will have IDs based on the URL of the post. So, for example the file home/_posts/ would generate the following section:

<section id="home_hello_world">
  <h1>Section title</h1>
  Section contents