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atom-browser-webview package

A web browser that runs seamlessly in the Atom editor

Info / Features

This is a web browser tightly integrated into the Atom editor. The web pages appear in the normal editor tabs. The pages are fully functional with scripting and linking. A browser toolbar appears at the top of the Atom window to allow simple webpage navigation.

  • Is an actual web browser, no use of iframes so every site should load as it would in Chrome or Firefox. (Some individual web features i.e. popups may not be supported) *

News (Dec. 3rd 2015)

Updated to work with Atom 1.0, probably once again the only working web browser.

Finally a working tabbed browser, using webviews. (No iframes) The easiest way to get going is to toggle the UI in Browser -> Show / Hide Browser UI, or make''); calls after launching.

This extension is designed to support multiple active tabs using visibility: css to work-around the deallocating webviews with display: none;


  • Install with apm install atom-browser-webview
  • Press ctrl-alt-B (web-browser:toggle) and a toolbar will appear above the tabs
  • Enter a url and press enter
  • To later create a new tab use ctrl-enter instead
  • Press ctrl-alt-B again to refocus input
  • Press ctrl-alt-B again to close toolbar
  • Click on globe in toolbar to close the toolbar (secret feature)

Screenshots / Attributions


Originally Created by Mark Hahn (


Copyright Graham S / Mark Hahn by MIT license


provides a simple, tabbed, browser-like environment INSIDE of atom (beta) - using the <webview> tag




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