Concurrent plowdown downloader for hosts with multiple network interfaces
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----------------- is a plowdown ( launcher
for hosts where multiple IP interfaces are available for download. When starting
a download one thread per interface is launched and download URLs are
distributed to those threads. This allows you to considerably decrease the
waiting time, e.g., if you have 6 interfaces and you want to download 12 files
from a filehoster, you effectively only have to wait once in the delay loop of
the filehoster.

usage: [-h] regexp urls [urls ...]

regexp: Regexp specifying the used network interfaces. E.g., if you are on a
Linux virtual server and want to use all available venet0:0, venet0:1, venet0:2,
etc. interfaces, you would use '^venet0:.*' as regexp.

urls: List of URLs to download. If you want to store the URLs in a file instead
of giving them on the command line use xargs(1) for this. currently requires the 'argparse' module from a Python 2.7
installation. However, if you use an older Python version you can just copy from a newer Python installation. In addition, the get_interfaces()
method used to retrieve the available interfaces currently only works on Linux.
If you want support for other systems such as *BSD I'm happily accepting

license: Some code has been copied from
- this code is under the copyright of the respective authors. The remainder of
the code written by me can be considered public domain.

author: Guenther Starnberger <guenther AT starnberger DOT name>