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EaZy Templating for Python
Python Shell
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### this was exported from Google Code on August 22, 2015. Need to update this file...
### also see:

Some quick notes:

  Primary contact:

  Project location:

  Repository location:

  Commit email:
  [ note: as of Nov 2008, that list is not running ]

  License: BSD-ish; see the source file.


EZT was started as part of the edna project ( in
early 2001. However, it was also intended towards use within the
ViewVC project ( The bulk of EZT development
occured as part of ViewVC during 2001 and 2002.

In 2003, EZT started to get used in additional places: SubWiki,
Subversion's build system, and some infrastructure pieces at the ASF.
Greg also had a little private project which used and further modified
EZT a little bit.

The EZT project was started in October 2003 to pull together all of
the various incarnations and derivative developments of EZT into a
single, canonical location. This project was moved to Google Code in
June 2008, where it now resides.


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