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Angular service to Web-Stomp
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Angular service to Web-Stomp


This class relies on stomp.js that can be found at:

  1. Set the socket provider for Stomp. I do this in my app config: Stomp.WebSocketClass = SockJS; (Here I am using SockJS: <script src=""></script>)
  2. In your app module add 'AngularStomp'. The name of the injected service is ngstomp
  3. The service is a constructor that takes the url to connect to. Here is a full example:
function FrontPageController($scope, $routeParams, ngstomp) {
    $scope.messages = [];
    $scope.client = ngstomp('http://localhost:15674/stomp');
    $scope.client.connect("guest", "guest", function(){
        $scope.client.subscribe("/topic/test", function(message) {
    }, function(){}, '/');

Example HTML:

<div class="row" ng-controller="FrontPageController">
    <div class="span8 offset1">
        <p ng-repeat="message in messages">{{message}}</p>
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