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EVE Market Data Uploader (EMDU)

Author: Greg Taylor

This project contains a minimalistic EVE Online Market data uploader. It is console-based, and aims to be the most cross-platform uploader.

Current state

EMDU currently runs well, is reasonably configurable via command line args, and is efficient enough.

Source code is available on the GitHub project.

Linux/Mac Install

For the sake of simplicity, these instructions install to system Python. For those that car enough, use virtualenv. For everyone else who doesn't know what that means, use these:

  • You should have pip already in many cases, but if you don't: sudo easy_install pip
  • Install reverence: sudo pip install git+
  • Download the latest source snapshot from GitHub.
  • Extract and cd to the extracted source.
  • sudo python install
  • Optionally, you may install watchdog, which enables a much more efficient and accurate cache monitor: sudo pip install watchdog
  • You should now be able to run via emdu_console

Windows Install

We'll eventually package this up more nicely, apologies for the hassle.

Specifying additional EVE directories

If EMDU's auto EVE installation detection doesn't work, you can append additional EVE install dirs to search for cache directories. You can add multiple EVE dirs by using the --add-eve flag multiple times:

emdu_console --add-eve "/home/gtaylor/.wine/drive_c/users/gtaylor/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/"

Cache file deletion

By default, EMDU does not delete cache files after reading them. We don't want to get in the way of any other tools that you may be using. If you would like EMDU to delete cache files after reading them, use the --enable-deletion flag:

emdu_console --enable-deletion

Other options

To see EMDU's other configurable options, look at --help:

emdu_console --help


This project, and all contributed code, are licensed under the BSD License. A copy of the BSD License may be found in the repository.


A bare bones, cross-platform, console based EVE Online market data uploader.




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