PHP extension for Glib Library
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Glib for PHP 7

Glib is a general-purpose utility library originally written for the gnome desktop system. It provides data types, conversions, string utilities, file utilities, mainloop abstractions and other useful tools for building applications. The library works on most UNIX-like platforms, Windows, and OSX.

This extension provides access to Glib functionality in PHP7 in the Glib namespace


This is currently very experimental There are plans to add appveyor and travis builds for testing


  • PHP 7.0.0-alpha1+
  • Glib 2.28+

Additional features are supported up to Glib version 2.44

Features are enabled at compile time based on the library version they are compiled against.

Documentation and information about the underlying library can be found at


There are plans to make this available via pecl and pickle

Until then, please compile and install the extension and enable it in your php.ini file


This extension can be compiled and tested using phpize

This extension also requires glib development files. You can build the package manually or use your system's package manager. For example on ubuntu use

apt-get install libglib-2.0-dev

Then you can use phpize to install the extension against your current PHP install

make && make test && make install

If you want to use a non-standard location for your PHP use

./configure --with-php-config=/path/to/php-config
make && make test && make install

make install copies to the right location, but you still need to enable the module in your php.ini file. Although the extension can be used with a webserver, that is not recommended.


The examples directory holds samples of all currently working utilities for the extension


You can find us on freenode on #gtkforphp

The main website is Gtk For PHP

You can view commits and released on twitter

You can send comments, patches, questions here on github

See for information on how to get involved


Elizabeth M Smith


PHP extension binding code released under the MIT license See LICENSE

The Glib library is is released under the LGPL


What little documentation we currently have is in code comments and the docs directory

We'd like to use some kind of markdown or rst format for docs, a decision isn't final yet