Matlab/Mex implementation of Aggregated Selective Match Kernels for Image Retrieval (published in ICCV 2013)
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Aggregated Selective Match Kernels (ASMK) for Image Retrieval

This is a Matlab package that we provide to reproduce the results of our ICCV paper (paper homepage: This code implements the ASMK* method, which offers the best trade-off between search accuracy and resource requirements (memory and speed).

  author       = "Giorgos Tolias and Yannis Avrithis and Herv\'e J\'egou",
  title        = "To aggregate or not to aggregate: Selective match kernels for image search",
  booktitle    = "IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision",
  month        = "dec",
  year         = "2013",
  url          = ""


The prerequisites are:

  • a working version of Matlab/mex. Remark: recently several problems occur with Matlab/Mex when using recent versions of MacOS. Please do not contact us to solve these problems, which are not specific to our package.
  • a working and recent version of Yael library (version >= v366)

We have tested the software with version R2011a under Linux.


These instructions are for Linux and MacOS X (just take care for 64-bits Matlab to use "long" instead of "int" for sgemm calls). This package is not supported for Windows. Sorry.

The commands below should be lanched from the directory where you unzipped this package.

  1. Download the Yael library and the ASMK package.

The current package library has been tested with version SVN_v366 of the Yael library, but forward compatibility should be preserved. The Yael library can be obtained from the website:

The asmk package is available on github:

  1. Compile the Matlab interface of yael. In linux, this can be done as:
> tar xvzf yael_v366.tar.gz
> rm yael_v366.tar.gz
> mv yael_v366 yael
> cd yael
> ./
> cd matlab
> make
> cd ../..

Alternately, you can also try the new Make.m file to compile directly from Matlab

> matlab
>> Make

If this does not work on your platform, please take a look at the README file and the Yael getting started manual. Note that you might face other problems with recent version of MacOS X, in particular on how to use multi-threading. If such problems occur, consider deactivating multi-threading.

  1. Get the SIFT descriptors associated with the Oxford database
> cd asmk
> wget -nH --cut-dirs=4 -r -Pdata/
  1. Launch the test program in matlab:
>> test_asmk