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A PHP library to split Spanish words in syllables through an algorithm.
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A PHP library to split Spanish words in syllables through the algorithm.

Pending Works

In the TODO



To deploy you need to keep almost the same structure or change the set_include_path on website/www/index.php.

Anyway it should run normally if you deploy the app from the github with the consideration that you should change apache.htaccess or nginx.htaccess to .htaccess.

Known Issues

The support for hypen words must be added externally and process separately, it is not added. They should be considered two words.

The prefixes can make issues by the moment.

In spite of the algorithm supports it, it is not implemented the support for "tl" or other configurations that are not from Spain. It is only works with "Castillian" (spanish from Spain with the known mistakes).

You must use utf8_decode before pass the word to the object, this is because the library convert the word to utf8 and recodification to utf8 must give problems.

Doesn't keep the "H" with it in the middle in some diphtongs, like "prohibición" and it should.

More relative information (in Spanish):

Similar projects - (See the source code in perl) - Divisions in syllables for multiple syllables with latex

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