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Bits blog

This is the repo for GUMAD's tech blog. If you're interested in submitting an article, please make a pull request that adds a markdown file to src/posts. See here for rules and more information.

Project stack

This project is built in gatsbyjs, a framework for building web frontends on the JAMStack.

Setting up the project

We use yarn as our package manager. If you're used to npm, you're welcome to use that too though we can't guarantee everything will work the same.

After you have cloned the project, run the following:

cd ./blog

And... your done! This blog uses no database, so it's pretty simple to setup. And, since all our data is stored in the repo, you're always working with the same information you see on the production site which means we rarely get "worked on my machine" bugs.

Running the project

Once you've set everything up, you can run the following to start the development mode:

yarn dev

This will start a local instance of the website running at http://localhost:8000/. Open it up in your browser to see the site!