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lastbuf.vim is a plugin to open your last closed buffers.

You can reopen your last closed buffer by :LastBuf or <c-w><c-z>.

buffers closed by :hid will always be opened.

buffers closed by :e # :q :only :close :bun will be reopened by default.

buffers closed by :bd will not be reopened by default.

buffers closed by :bw (!!CAUTION) will never be reopened.

NOTE Close buffer which still have another window editing it will not be reopened.

you can get the newest version at

":LastBuf mapping is <c-w><c-z> by default.
" You can remapping it by 
map <c-s-t> :LastBuf<CR>

" g:lastbuf_num option decides the max reopen buf number.
let g:lastbuf_num=20

" this option decides to reopen which level of hided buffer.
" :hid   bufhidden  (will always be reopened)
" :bun   bufunload  (will be reopened if level >= 1)
" :bd    bufdelete  (will be reopened if level >= 2)
" :bw    bufwipeout (will never be reopened!CAUTION!!)
" default is 1 , means :bd and :bw not be reopened.
" if you want the same effect of 'nohidden'. 
" set it to 0 and  set 'nohidden'
let g:lastbuf_level=1