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Guard::CoffeeDripper is MergeTool for CoffeeScript


Install the gem:

gem install guard-coffeedripper

Add it to your Gemfile (inside develop group):

gem 'guard-coffeedripper'

Add coffeedripper definition to your Guardfile and config/coffee-dripper.yaml by running this command:

guard init coffeedripper


Please read Guard usage doc Guardfile for Rails3.0 and barista

guard 'coffeedripper', :output => 'app/coffscripts/'  do
  watch(%r{^app/coffeescripts/(.+)\.bean$}) {|m| "#{m[1]}.bean"}

or Rails3.1

guard 'coffeedripper', :output => 'app/assets/javascripts/' do
  watch(%r{^app/assets/javascripts/(.+)\.bean$}) {|m| "#{m[1]}.bean"}

Configuration example: config/coffee-dipper.yaml
  - hoge.bean
  - huga.bean
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