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Connector between shotwell and piwigo
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This software is a connector between Shotwell (, an open source photo manager for Gnome, and Piwigo (, a photo gallery software for the web. It allows users of Shotwell to publish their photos into their piwigo installation.

Integration and installation in the shotwell code

  1. Download and compile the shotwell code from the source
  2. Checkout the two files of this repository: piwigo.patch and src/PiwigoConnector.vala
  3. Apply the patch (please note that the patch is based on revision 2331 of the shotwell code): patch -p0 < piwigo.patch
  4. Copy the PiwigoConnector.vala file to the src directory of the shotwell code
  5. Recompile the shotwell code using make


  • You need to have the pwg.images.addSimple<code> ("link": plugin installed in your Piwigo
  • You need to have the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize directives in your PHP configuration high enough to upload your photos, otherwise the photo will not be uploaded

Known bugs / limitations

  • Does not send photo tags, author, description to the service
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