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This is the CleryDart repository, which includes the various CSS, HMTL, Python, and JavaScript files.

CleryDart is a campus safety web application, which maps crimes listed on Dartmouth College's Daily Crime Log.

How does work?

The way CleryDart currently works is by using a combination of HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Leaflet.js, folium, Python, and I designed the Dartmouth-inspired CleryDart HTML homepage and CSS theme, and I use for mapping. In terms of data workflow, I use Python to process crime data and crime locations from .csv files. Once the data has been processed, folium is used to generate a basic .html/.js template for CleryDart that uses Leaflet. After that, I add the Leaflet.js code generated by folium to the current CleryDart HTML homepage, and add more Leaflet.js code to customize the map and create a legend for sorting crimes.

My next challenge is to re-design the website's "back-end" in a way that is much more admin-friendly, as the goal is for Dartmouth College's Safety & Security Officers to be able to update the website without dealing directly with the various file types.

What is the future of CleryDart?

The goal is for CleryDart to transition to become a website that Dartmouth College's Department of Safety & Security maintains. As I will be graduating from Dartmouth College soon, I cannot maintain this project in perpetuity, but I firmly believe that is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Dartmouth's campus crime statistics.

Author: Guillermo K. Rojas Hernandez


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