Introduction and samples for AWS Lambda with C# (.NET Core)
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This is Sample project for AWS Lambad with .NET Core C#. May this repository help you understand AWS Lambda better.

Recommend Lambda Functions settings for stability

  • May be complex execution requires more than 128MB. Be careful with Max memory used.

What you can know

This sample include following.

FunctionName Language Description
EnvironmentVariables C# Sample code to read Environment variable set in the AWS Lambda function.
GithubWebhook C# Github - Slack Integration with AWS Lambda sample.
SendToChatwork C# Send message to Chatwork sample.
SimpleClassFunction C# Simple minumum set of JSON Input sample.
SimpleAsyncFunction C# Simple minumum async/await with TEST for string Input sample. (SimpleAsyncFunction.Tests)
SlackSlashCommandWebhook C# Slack Slash Command sample with API Gateway.
UnityCloudBuildNotificationProxy C# Unity Cloud build webhook notification to Chatwork sample with API Gateway + nested AWS Lambda.