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Custom Error Message

This plugin gives you the option to not have your custom validation error message
prefixed with the attribute name. Ordinarily, if you have, say:

    validates_acceptance_of :accepted_terms, :message => 'Please accept the terms of service'

You'll get the following error message:

    Accepted terms Please accept the terms of service

This plugin allows you to omit the attribute name for specific messages. All you have to do
is begin the message with a '^' character. Example:

    validates_acceptance_of :accepted_terms, :message => '^Please accept the terms of service'

The plugin also lets you use procs instead of strings. Example:

    validates_acceptance_of :accepted_terms, :message => {|service| "You must accept the terms of the service #{}" }


Redefines method:

 Returns all the full error messages in an array. 'Base' messages are handled as usual.
 Non-base messages are prefixed with the attribute name as usual UNLESS they begin with '^'
 in which case the attribute name is omitted.