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Gurk Nukem

A 2-bit platforming shooter made with LITIENGINE

What is this?

This game is an example project made to teach you how LITIENGINE works. The development of Gurk Nukem is accompanied by an extensive tutorial on how to create your own platformer with LITIENGINE. The tutorial series is separated into parts that roughly resemble a day's work.

How can I contribute?

We have open-sourced the project so anyone can not only use the code for their own projects, but also contribute to the development of this game.

We organize the features to be implemented in GitHub issues, and there will be a documentation chapter for each of these features. For an overview over the intended chapters, see the project overview for tutorial chapters. Each issue is one sub-section in one part of the tutorial, with the top-most issue being the first chapter. It would therefore make sense to work on chapters chronologically, as later sections may refer to previous ones.

If you want to get started with one particular feature, this will require the following steps from you:

  • Implementation: Bring your idea to life by implementing the feature in the game
  • Documentation: Provide a detailed step-by-step explanation with screenshots and code snippets to help others recreate your work.
  • Pull request: Once Implementation and Documentation are done, file a pull request and let us check over your code and tutorial. If everything is functioning and clearly written, we will merge your code into the game and update the tutorial series accordingly with your credit.

What if I want to implement something that is not mentioned in the project overview yet?

Great, you're a creative one: If you want to implement something we have not thought of, you have to keep the following aspects in mind:

Before you file pull requests, talk to us!

This project is not just any open source game, but an official learning resource for LITIENGINE. Therefore, we need to make sure that any potential changes and enhancements represent a comprehensible and meaningful way of teaching LITIENGINE to newcomers. We don't want anyone to put efforts into features that do not get merged into the game in the end, so just get in touch with us over the forum or discord before starting to work on anything. Alternatively, you can just create an issue for each of your intended features and we will discuss it in the comments.

Document everything you do!

Anything implemented in this game needs to be documented in a respective chapter of the accompanying tutorial series "Creating a platformer with LITIENGINE". If you change anything relevant to already existing bits of the tutorial, we need to make sure the tutorial gets updated to the latest standards.