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Oh My Zsh plugin for Elixir, IEX, Mix and Phoenix
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Zsh plugin for Elixir, IEx, Mix, Kiex and Phoenix

Terminal shortcuts for Elixir developers.

Install and run

These shortcuts have nothing exclusive to Zsh, they are basic shell commands. This means you can always copy the contents and use them with just about any shell setup.

However, if you already use one of the libraries listed below, here's to any easy life:


Add antigen bundle gusaiani/elixir-oh-my-zsh to your .zshrc file. Antigen will handle cloning the plugin for you automatically the next time you start zsh. You can also add the plugin to a running ZSH with antigen bundle gusaiani/elixir-oh-my-zsh for testing before adding it to your .zshrc.


cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
git clone elixir

Enable it by adding elixir to the plugins array. You have to restart your current terminal in order to use the aliases below.

# located under $HOME/.zshrc
plugins=(git elixir)


Add zgen load gusaiani/elixir-oh-my-zsh to your .zshrc file in the same function you're doing your other zgen load calls in. Zgen will automatically clone the repository for you when you do a zgen save, and load it the next time you start a terminal session.


Function Command
mncd app-name mix new app-name; cd app-name


Alias Command
i iex
ips iex -S mix phx.server
ism iex -S mix
m mix
mab mix
mai mix archive.install
mat mix app.tree
mc mix compile
mcf mix compile --force
mcv mix compile --verbose
mcl mix clean
mca mix do clean, deps.clean --all
mco mix coveralls
mcoh mix coveralls.html
mdoc mix docs
mdl mix dialyzer
mdlp mix dialyzer --plt
mcr mix credo
mcrs mix credo --strict
mcx mix compile.xref
mdc mix deps.compile
mdg mix deps.get
mdgc mix do deps.get, deps.compile
mdt mix deps.tree
mdu mix deps.update
mdua mix deps.update --all
mdun mix deps.unlock
mduu mix deps.unlock --unused
meb mix
mec mix ecto.create
mecm mix do ecto.create, ecto.migrate
med mix ecto.drop
mem mix ecto.migrate
megm mix ecto.gen.migration
merb mix ecto.rollback
mers mix ecto.reset
mes mix ecto.setup
mf mix format
mge mix gettext.extract
mgem mix gettext.extract --merge
mgm mix gettext.merge priv/gettext
mho mix hex.outdated
mlh mix local.hex
mn mix new
mns mix new --sup
mpd mix phx.digest
mpgc mix
mpgco mix phx.gen.context
mpgh mix phx.gen.html
mpgj mix phx.gen.json
mpgm mix phx.gen.model
mpgs mix phx.gen.secret
mpn mix
mpr mix phx.routes
mps mix phx.server
mr mix run
mrnh mix run --no-halt
mrl mix release
msn mix
msne mix
msnn mix
msr mix
mt mix test
mtc mix test --cover
mtf mix test --failed
mtmf mix test --max-failures
mts mix test --stale
mtw mix (See
mx mix xref
hri heroku run "POOL_SIZE=2 iex -S mix"
hrip heroku run "POOL_SIZE=2 iex -S mix" -r production
hris heroku run "POOL_SIZE=2 iex -S mix" -r staging
hrmem heroku run "POOL_SIZE=2 mix ecto.migrate"
hrmes heroku run "POOL_SIZE=2 mix run priv/repo/seeds.exs"
kd kiex default
ki kiex install
kl kiex list
klb kiex list branches
klk kiex list known
klr kiex list releases
ks kiex shell
ksu kiex selfupdate
ku kiex use
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