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ViosMaps - Vector Interactive OpenSource Maps


ViosMaps is a development aimed to help you create and render vector maps divided into regions (created in the SVG format), setting metadata and managing the interactions in an easy way.


The project started as a humble attempt to render and manage interactions with each region or province for the maps of Italy and Argentina.

The idea behind opensourcing ViosMaps is mainly to be able to teamwork with developers around the world to share ideas and knowledge, generalize the codebase (by better modularization) and to add many great functionalities we can discuss about. It would be very nice if we also write good documentation encouraging more developers to use this resource as a library for their own projects.


ViosMaps depends upon:

Real Examples

Interactive Map of Uruguay (click to play video)

Interactive Map of Uruguay

Interactive Map of Argentina (click to play video)

Interactive Map of Argentina

Interactive Map of Italy (click to play video)

Interactive Map of Italy

Static Test Maps

Start your local webserver and launch test maps from:

  • http://{your_host}/viosmaps/tests/argentina.html
  • http://{your_host}/viosmaps/tests/italia.html

Browserify-based Development version:

Start your local webserver and launch test maps from:

  • http://{your_host}/viosmaps/tests/browserify-test.html

Notes and ToDo

  • 2016-04-07
    • Currently main ViosMaps code is mixed inside those examples. Next steps to take: extract and modularize main functionality transforming it into a library.
  • 2016-04-09
    • I'm using Browserify to build lib/js/static/viosmaps-bundle.js. You can build (from the lib/js folder) running:
      • browserify viosmaps.js -o static/viosmaps-bundle.js
      • Note: To install browserify:
        • npm install -g browserify
    • You can also use watchify the same way:
      • watchify viosmaps.js -o static/viosmaps-bundle.js
      • Note: To install watchify:
        • npm install -g watchify



Available under an Apache 2 license which means it’s completely open-source, and completely free.