Arduino library for RC5 infrared decoding
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Arduino RC5 remote control decoder library

This is an Arduino library for decoding infrared remote control commands encoded with the Philips RC5 protocol. It is based on the article "An Efficient Algorithm for Decoding RC5 Remote Control Signals" by Guy Carpenter, Oct 2001.

For more information see

This library supports the extended RC5 protocol which uses the second stop bit S2 as an extension to the command value.

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Using the Library

#include <RC5.h>
#define IR_PIN 7
RC5 rc5(IR_PIN);

void loop() {
  if (, &address, &command))
    Serial.println(toggle ? " (t) " : "");

Pressing the power button on the remote control twice produces this output:

0,12 (t) 
0,12 (t) 

which is address 0 (TV1), command 12 (Standby)