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@guygodin guygodin released this Aug 2, 2019

• Added 60 FPS option on Quest
• Guardian bounds will now automatically transfer to SteamVR Chaperone, removing the need to run Room Setup or adjust the height
• Added buttons to launch/exit SteamVR from the Virtual Desktop UI
• Reduced image corruption introduced by latest Oculus OS update
• Fixed issue with desktop video stream freezing when using medium or low framerates

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@guygodin guygodin released this Jul 23, 2019

• Added option to enable/disable audio streaming
• Added option to increase video nominal range (Nvidia only, increases contrast)
• Added options to emulate D-pad and Start button with Touch controllers
• Added controller haptics to VR Streaming
• Added additional MSAA option to VR Streaming
• Added proximity sensor status to SteamVR driver
• Added fake base station to SteamVR driver (solves tracking issues in some games)
• Fixed rare issue with additional computers not appearing in the Computers tab
• Fixed color brightness with AMD GPUs
• Fixed black screen in VR mode with AMD GPUs
• Fixed displayed video framerate when VR mode is enabled
• Fixed issue with SteamVR driver registration sometimes requiring to run Streamer as administrator

Assets 3
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