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Code source for the weblog

To check that everything is compiling alright:

% hugo check

To deploy onto a site:

% hugo -d $ROOT_WWW

You'll need to install hugo first, though.


You'll find all the posts in the content directory. If you find any typo or spelling mistake, don't hesitate to open an issue or write a PR! ☺

The images featured on those posts are in the static/img directory.


Website's code license

I kept the Apache License for all the site's code, to keep it in match with the source theme I used from @digitalcraftsman.

It is meant to be compiled with Hugo, which is originally the work of @spf13 which I thank!

Website's content license

All original content is under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4 (By)-(NC).

Borrowed contents

Some other contents (were borrowed randomly from Internet, taking care as much as possible to take contents that offer proper permissions. If in any case a content I took has restrictions I wasn't aware of, or you want me to show attribution of a work I borrowed, please tell me! I'll either remove or write the attribution along with the content.