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Project Timelines made easy...
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Project Timelines made easy....

This project is a fork of the excellent d3kit-timeline with the following differences:

  • Removal of d3kit (last commit on this project was Feb 2017)
  • Update of D3 version to 5
  • Working with IE10 / IE11 (limited testing)

Add it to your project

Kairoi depends on d3 and labella. These dependencies needs to be loaded separately. For example you can use the following to import kairoi and the dependencies in your HTML:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Simple usage

Make sure your HTML page contains a target element for the SVG, e.g.:

<div id="timeline"></div>

Initalize the data

var testData = [
    {date: new Date('01 January 2019'), label: 'First / green', labelBgColor: 'green'},
    {date: new Date('06 January 2019'), label: 'Second / green', labelBgColor: 'green'},
    {date: new Date('05 April 2019'), label: 'Third / red', labelBgColor: 'red'},
    {date: new Date('01 May 2019'), label: 'Fourth / red', labelBgColor: 'red'}

Create a new Kaiori object passing the selector for the target element.

var timeline = new Kairoi('#timeline')

Add the data to the newly created object:

Finally, draw the timeline


Data initalization

Each label must have at least these two values:

  • date: This is the date of the label on the timeline. Note that in d3kit-timeline this was called time. The name can be customized using the timeFn option.
  • label: This is the caption of the label. Note that in d3kit-timeline this was called text. The name can be customized using the textFn option.

Optionally you can specify:

  • labelBgColor: this specify the bakground color of the label. You can use any CSS value for this.

See more at API documentation


Simple front-end demo using this project can be found here

Migrating from d3kit-timeline

If you are migrating from d3kit-timeline please note:

  • The default key for the date in the data is now date (instead of time)
  • The default key for the label caption in the data is now label (instead of text)
  • The visualize method is now called draw
  • The default value for direction is up (instead of right)
  • The data method does not trigger a re-draw of the timeline. This needs to be called esplicitely using draw() (in roadmap for implementation)
  • No chart.on() doesn't work (in roadmap for implementation)
  • The method options() has been replaced by setOptions()
  • The method resizeToFit() is not implemented
  • The textStyle is no longer supported. Partial support is provided by labelTextStyle
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