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iOS Screen Time & Restrictions Passcode Finder

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Pinfinder is a small program for Mac, Windows and Linux which attempts to to find the screen time and/or restrictions passcode for an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) from a normal backup of the device made by iTunes on your computer.

See for quick instructions on how to download and use it. It works with devices running iOS 8 though iOS 12.4.4 - It does not support iOS 13 and later, as the passcode is no longer stored in the iTunes backup - See

NOTE: This program will not help you unlock a locked device - It can only help recover the restrictions passcode as found in Settings -> General -> Restrictions. More information about Restrictions can be found at Apple's web site.

Compiling this program

(Most people don't need to do any of this; just go to instead, unless you're technically inclined to read on ;-) )

If you are running on a platform other than Mac, Windows or Linux you will need to compile the program yourself:

First Download and install Go.

Once Go is installed, you can clone the pinfinder repo and build it. Pinfinder uses the new module system found in Go 1.11 and later to track its dependencies.

cd ~
git clone
cd pinfinder
GO111MODULE=on go build .

Other resources

Inspired with thanks by information found here:

Other Notes

Last tested with iOS 8 through 12.2 on OS X 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.12, 10.13 Windows XP and Windows 8 with iTunes 12.7

NOTE: Recovery of an iOS 12 passcode requires an encrypted iTunes backup.

Pinfinder is not compatible with iOS 13 and later - See


Recovers the screen time or restrictions passcode on iOS devices from an iTunes backup (iOS 8-12 only!)







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