Build scripts for Chromium Snapdragon Stable (customized a bit)
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Chromium CAF Snapdragon Stable Build Scripts

  1. Setup build environment as it is described here (though I use OpenJDK instead or Oracle one and everything works)
  2. Clone this repo to dir where to build
  3. Follow items 2-4 of this guide (item 1 is recommended, but I use Debian 8 and it works; hint: use --unsupported parameter for forcible install) In case of non-Ubuntu please check with official packages manual
  4. Change LogsDir in ./build/ if necessary
  5. Make sure that you're in the dir where to build
  6. To update run ./build/
  7. To build run ./build/
  8. Result is in src/out/Default/apks

Credits go to: