GWT wrapper for the Bootstrap front-end framework
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GWTBootstrap3 is a wrapper for Twitter Bootstrap, which helps you develop responsive, mobile first HTML, CSS, and JS projects on the web using Java and Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

Add GWTBootstrap3 to your project

You can easily add GWTBootstrap3 to your project by including the library as a Maven dependency.


Current Release

  • 0.9.4 - Released on 21 February 2017.
    • Based on Bootstrap v3.3.7
  • Demo - The GWTBootstrap3 0.9.4 Demo.
  • API Docs - The GWTBootstrap3 0.9.4 API Javadoc.
  • Supported Features - Current releases supported features.

Current Snapshot

  • 1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Snapshot Demo - GWTBootstrap3 v1.0-SNAPSHOT Demo. (Updated after every commit)
  • API Docs - GWTBootstrap3 v1.0-SNAPSHOT Javadoc. (Updated after every commit)


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