I occasionally write crappy scripts to brighten up the chores of hosting LRUG. They mostly suck, but it's good to share...
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In my role as organiser for the London Ruby User 
Group (LRUG) I occasionally write little ruby 
scripts to do stuff.  Mostly these scripts are
an excuse to learn something new, like Shoes
or Hpricot.  However, I tend not to spend an
awful lot of time looking into stuff properly
and so these scripts are not exactly what I
would call my best work.  They tend to do
exactly the bare minimum in the most hacky
way possible (I'm all about form over function).

Still, sharing stuff is the new hawtness, and thus.

Gaze ye, upon my works and weep...

names from a hat

Sometimes we've needed to choose a name from a 
random list.  For giving out things where more 
people than things were to be given out.  Or
perhaps for choosing speakers randomly.  The
scripts in here are variations on that theme.

### haphazard / haphazard2
Shoes apps for showing a list of names and then
randomly choosing one.  We used this to determine
the order of speakers at a Lightning talk meeting
we held in [February 2008][1].

#### haphazard vs. haphazard2
 * *haphazard* works for a small list of names.
 * *haphazard2* works for a large list of names.
### hat
Another Shoes app that we used to determine who
to give out some free copies of books to.  It
takes a list of names, drops them into a rendered
hat and then does some magic to choose a name from
those in the hat.

### Shoes Versions
The first 2 were written against Shoes Curious,
whereas the third one was written against Shoes.r532.
It might make a difference.

### randomize_speakers
Simple app using Fibers and osascript to randomly
choose the order of speakers for our February 2010[6]
meeting.  I was doing a talk on Fibers for that meeting
so it seemed appropriate to use them (not that I told
anyone or referred to it in my talk).

Wants ruby 1.9 and a mac.

rails cities
Hpricot scripts to scrape the [Working With Rails][2]
site and then determine which London-based rails 
programmers to vote for to make London appear higher 
in the rankings on [Rails Cities][3].

Comes in two parts; one to scrape the site and one
two use the results of that to determine possible

script/server tomcat
As part of a talk I gave about integrating ruby and
java, I wrote a version of the rails script/server
that would invoke tomcat as the server.  The files
in this folder are intended to be dropped into a 
rails 1.1.x application.  You then need to put
tomcat 5.5.17 into the vendor/tomcat-5.5.17 directory
and also a copy of [yajb][4] into the vendor/yajb.

Once you've done this typing script/server tomcat
would give you a freakishly slow version of rails
that runs via tomcat.

I'd just [JRuby][5] if I was you though.

[1]: http://lrug.org/meetings/2008/01/25/february-2008-meeting/
[2]: http://www.workingwithrails.com/
[3]: http://www.railscities.com/
[4]: http://www.cmt.phys.kyushu-u.ac.jp/~M.Sakurai/cgi-bin/fw/wiki.cgi?page=YAJB
[5]: http://jruby.codehaus.org/
[6]: http://lrug.org/meetings/2010/01/21/february-2010-meeting/