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The aims are to identify areas where:

  • remain parties working together could affect the result; and
  • there is only one remain party which could win (under a variety of assumptions)

And in those areas, advise that a coalition would be helpful.

Design choices

It's a static html website, which means it looks bad. On the plus side, it's difficult to make it fall over.

The only dynamic bit is postcodes.php, which uses a sqlite database file full of postcodes.

Building it


python3 -m dontsplithteremainvote

and it will read a bunch of CSV spreadsheets and generate some html files from jinja2 templates.

You'll probably want to comment out make_sqlite() in dontsplittheremainvote/

Or: wget '' -O generated/ to download the 130MB postcode database.

Updating external sources

Run this to update the files in data/.


It does nothing if you updates less than 2 hours ago, which lets you ./ && python3 -m dontsplithteremainvote every time


Make containing RSYNC_LOCATION=""

And run ./


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