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Query plan visualizer for Postgres
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user Let people put more junk before the query plan
I find it easy to copy-paste all this:

foo> select blah

and I'd really like the code to just work for that

`[\s\S]*` is a multi-line `.*`, as `dotAll` isn't widely supported
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A set of tools to display and analyze database query planning and execution.


The JS bit was up and running on, which I didn't have interest
to maintain anymore. The appengine stuff was some grand plan I never really
threw time into.

This project is old technology (no parser for the json plan format, no support
for CTEs, 10-years old web technology at the time of writing this) and
virtually unchanged code since 2010.  But someone used the tool and kindly
asked if I had plans to open source it.  So here it is. Maybe someone else
wants to maintain it?

Have fun.

-- Daniele


I still like giving headache to lawyers and to selfish people in general.
So this code is distributed with Affero GPL license: if you take this code,
improve, and make a service out of it, you must redistribute the modified
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