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This is BurlapCraft, a mod aimed at using Minecraft as a test bed for artificial intelligence by integrating with BURLAP, the Brown-UMBC Reinforcement Learning and Planning library. BurlapCraft is built using BURLAP and Minecraft Forge, a Minecraft API that contains hooks into base Minecraft files. In the current release, the mod contains multiple dungeons, each with a specific goal that the agent needs to reach by maximizing its reward. We used BURLAP to use both planning algorithms (to solve the dungeon with a hard-coded model), reinforcement learning algorithms (to learn the model) and language learning from demonstration. We also provide instructions for creating new dungeons of your own within Minecraft.

To setup BurlapCraft on your machine for development, follow these instructions.

If you already have Minecraft installed and just want to try BurlapCraft, follow the installation instructions.

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